After COP21 in Paris and COP26 in Glasgow, COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, is part of the era of climate urgency, the dawn of exceeding climate limits and retroactive loops with devastating effects.

This is not sensationalism, it is the international scientific community that says so.

From November 6 to 18, 2022, the conference will bring together the member countries of the UNFCCC to establish environmental consensus between the world states. Here are the 4 main objectives announced by COP27: Mitigation, adaptation, financing and climate collaboration.

At Will Solutions, we like ambitious speeches, but we want actions that match the ambitions even more. Indeed, the COPs have often been criticized for this.

Therefore, Will Solutions does not wait behind the COPs to act, because we have no more time to wait. As a carbon expert and leader, we pride ourselves on having a business model that directly contributes to 4 pillars of climate action: reduction, scaling, financing and collaboration for global decarbonization.

📉 Reduction: through our expertise, we improve the visibility, accessibility, efficiency and prioritization of our members’ GHG reduction projects, for engaging, but also optimized carbon action plans!

🌎 Scaling up: under our Sustainable Community methodology, the world’s first Verra-validated agglomeration project, we make climate action accessible for all types of organizations. We also opened our second Sustainable Community in Ontario.

💵 Financing: By making our services financially accessible to all types and sizes of organizations, advancing costs (non-billed services) and most importantly creating annual and recurring revenue for our members, we help make every company’s GHG reduction goals an economic reality.

🤝Collaboration: We accept SMEs, NPOs and communities, because we need everyone’s participation to reach our climate goals. We accept reduction projects starting at 1 ton of GHG because every effort counts. We will soon accept transportation-related projects, because every emission sector counts.

We are creating the low-carbon economy of tomorrow, with you. Join the movement now! Together, we make a difference.

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