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How does the Will Solutions Sustainable Community Work?

The Sustainable Community Solution, powered by Will, targets small final emitters (businesses, local governments and organizations) that share a common territory and cluster them into a regional Carbon Group.

Each region can include thousands of individual stakeholders that aim to reduce their GHG emissions. A regional Carbon Group motivates local administrators to further reduce GHG emissions by allowing them to share key information, solutions and business opportunities regarding sustainable development.

Will’s Sustainable Community Solution encourages, quantifies and clusters together small individual GHG reduction efforts into a large aggregate volume which can then be converted into the highest-quality carbon credits. The GHG reductions mentioned above come from diverse source activities such as improved energy efficiency for buildings, redirection of waste away from landfills and optimal usage of transportation for businesses.

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An accessible, unique and monetizable solution for your corporate eco-responsibility

The Sustainable Community is a local and circular solution that brings together micro-projects to reduce carbon emissions from SMEs, organizations and communities. On the one hand, it stimulates carbon reduction projects for small GHG emitters. On the other hand, it converts the tons of CO2 reduced at the source into carbon credits, which allows other players to get financially involved in the fight against climate change.


 It is 80% of the amount of the sale (40% in cash, 40% in unbilled services) of carbon credits that is given to the holders of initial micro-projects by Will Solutions.

Carbon expertise, eco-responsible strategy and monetization of GHG reductions in one place.

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