Where there’s a Will there’s a way.



    Founded in 1997
    Quebec, Canada

WILL Solutions is a privately owned Canadian company, certified B Corp. committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are active in the voluntary carbon markets with the Sustainable Community project. WILL has a social philosophy based on sharing that rests on two major axes: democratizing access to carbon credits by pooling local greenhouse gas reduction projects carried out by SMEs, municipalities and NPOs, and returning as much money as possible to them following the sale of carbon credits by WILL.


WILL comes from the words willingness and legacy. The name refers to our involvement in voluntary carbon markets, but more importantly, it reflects our company values of promoting voluntary climate initiatives that go beyond business as usual.


WILL constantly strives to promote its image of reliability and excellence by remaining at the cutting edge of knowledge in both the carbon market and environmental management.

Our company offers quality business solutions tailored to the needs of decision-makers. One of our main priorities is to support new products and innovative projects with a unique profile.

Our Values

At Will Solutions, we are proud of our core business, our community and the impact of our joint actions on the climate.

Discover our 3 corporate values that are at the core of all our decisions:

1: Action

Always be solution-focused;
Accelerate voluntary climate action;
Demonstrate concrete initiatives.

Create a participatory economy;
Stimulate partnerships;
Demonstrate transparency;
Caring for our employees.

2: Cooperation

3: Ambition

Going beyond Business As Usual;
Creating a desirable climate future;
Striving for excellence.




& Sustainability

WILL has been carbon neutral since 2007 and has been a member of the Net Zero 2030 global movement initiated by B Corp in 2020 following COP25.

We are committed to returning 10% of our net profits to local projects and initiatives that support sustainable development.

Through its ESG commitments, Will Solutions has been recognized as a positive impact company by various labels and certifications. Here is some of the evidence of our commitment, expertise and integrity.


B Corp certification aims to measure corporate performance on indicators richer than profit alone.

With more than 5,000 certified organizations worldwide, B Corp is a visionary movement reinventing the role of organizations toward a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative business model.

In September 2022, Solutions Will achieved re-certification, recognizing the company for an additional 3 years, until 2025, alongside leading sustainability organizations and businesses.

Determined by the B corp movement, the minimum score to achieve certification is 80/200. In 2019, Solutions Will’s score was 83.5. In 2022, our score was re-evaluated at 143.7, proving the breadth and evolution of our social, environmental and governance (ESG) impact.

Solar Impulse Label

The Solar Impulse label aims to highlight technologies, concepts or innovations that have both a positive environmental impact and a high profitability potential.

Will’s Sustainable Community was awarded the «Solar Impulse Efficient Solution» label in July 2020. We also obtained a relabeling in October 2023, confirming the high quality and uniqueness of our solution year after year.

VCS Certification

VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) is the world’s largest voluntary carbon credit certification program.

Developed by VERRA, this program guarantees the quality, integrity, reality, transparency and readability of carbon credits (VCUs).

Will is the depositary and user of the VM0018 methodology, validated by VERRA

VCS Certification

At Will Solutions, work-life balance is at the heart of our corporate culture. We are honoured to have been recognized by Concilivi for our best practices in human resources.

Among other things, we offer a high degree of autonomy and schedule flexibility, international telecommuting opportunities and a health and well-being allowance.

SME Climate Hub

The SME Climate Hub is a voluntary movement for corporate climate engagement. Participating organizations commit to decarbonizing their emissions through NetZero 2030, 2040 or 2050.

Solutions Will has been carbon neutral since 2007.


WILL Solutions publishes an annual sustainable development goals report, which is an annual assessment of the impact of our company, its operations and its employees on the environment.

See our latest report below:

A Worldwide Recognition

The expertise and professionalism of Will Solutions Inc. have earned the respect and trust of many national and international organizations. In November 2002, Gedden (now WILL) was honoured as the grand prize winner in the lesaffaires.com category. The e-Business Gala honours those who, through their creativity, knowledge, and vision, have distinguished themselves through the use of technology in the field of e-business. In June 2005, Gedden (now WILL) was a finalist in the Research and Development category of the 2005 Phénix de l’Environnement Awards.

In February 2012, Solutions Will developed and obtained the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) certification for the world’s first and only methodology to convert the aggregated efforts (energy demand and waste management) of thousands of small emitters into aggregated carbon credits (clusters). This methodology, the foundation of the Sustainable Community solution, is the basis of the first Sustainable Community project validated in July 2013 for Quebec, thus acting as a global showcase.

Franchising: accelerating the expansion of our model to meet our climate targets

Finally, one of the founding principles of the Sustainable Community is its unifying aspect. We want to accelerate the decarbonization of society on a large scale, while enhancing local communities. This is why we offer the Sustainable Community franchise to investors and entrepreneurs.