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Are you concerned about your company’s environmental impact and looking to take action? Find out how Will Solutions, a leader in the reduction and offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions, is turning this concern into an opportunity.

As a certified B Corp company, we can help you carry out a precise, personalized carbon footprint diagnosis for your business, tailored to your specific requirements and reduction targets. By choosing our services, you take a decisive step towards corporate sustainability and climate action, while strengthening your brand image. Trust Will Solutions, your preferred partner for an emission reduction strategy and a more responsible, sustainable and prosperous economy.

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Want to know more about our Carbon Footprint service?

WILL Solutions has offered its carbon expertise for nearly two decades to organizations wishing to increase the performance of their operations while reducing their environmental footprint. The calculation of the carbon footprint is made according to the steps below and under the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14064-1: 2018.

What is carbon footprint measurement for a company?

Carbon footprint measurement is the first step of your decarbonization journey. It is an essential tool for quantifying a company’s greenhouse gas emissions. It helps identify the main emission sources and prioritize actions to reduce the company’s carbon footprint , and potentially move towards carbon neutrality through the purchase of carbon credits.

What perimeter should be considered for carbon footprint measurement?

The perimeter of Will Solutions’ carbon footprint measurement includes the calculation of scopes 1, 2 and 3, in accordance with the international standard ISO 14064-1. The perimeter of calculation is any building or physical infrastructure, and emissions are measured across all the following sectors: Energy, Transport, Waste and Processes. The subject is therefore vast, making it even more accessible to all companies.


Greenhouse gases to measure in a company’s carbon emissions measurement

Measured GHG emissions include carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases such as methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and fluorinated gases (HFCs, PFCs, SF6, etc). CO2 is used as a reference to measure the global climatic impact of emissions. The universal unit of measurement is therefore CO2 equivalent (CO2e).


Ratios to use for climate accounting

Carbon dioxide emissions are measured by considering two categories of variables, also known as ratios. These vary from one industry to another, and must be precisely measured to be relevant.

Physical ratios refer to the quantity of emissions generated by the product, expressed in units (m2 of a surface area, kg of CO2e…).

As for monetary ratios, they evaluate the carbon footprint of a good or service based on its monetary cost, generally expressed in kgCO2e per thousand dollars excluding tax.

The benefits of carbon footprint measurement for your company

Conducting carbon footprint measurement offers many advantages, both in terms of environmental responsibility and economic performance. It’s an approach that goes beyond mere regulatory compliance; it represents a deep commitment to an environmental strategy and a greener, more sustainable economy.

Being in tune with your values and climate control

A company’s carbon footprint calculation enables it to prove its eco-responsible commitments by taking control of its CO2 emissions. It is a way of taking responsibility for the climate crisis in a fair and ambitious way. It’s an essential key to getting your ESG policy on the right track. In this way, the company acquires a thorough understanding of carbon emission factors and a willingness to implement concrete measures to reduce its environmental footprint.

Strengthen your brand image

By demonstrating its commitment to carbon offsetting and corporate sustainability, a company can strengthen its brand image and position itself as an environmental sustainability leader. This way, you create greater trust with customers and partners, and open the door to new market opportunities. This long-term vision and willingness to act will attract additional investors and support.

Stand out from the competition

The measurement of CO2 emissions and the reduction of carbon dioxide output can help a company stand out from the competition by offering more sustainable services. By adopting green practices, a company can not only meet the expectations of conscious consumers, but also anticipate future industry trends. It also benefits the employer brand, recruitment and retention of existing employees.

Anticipating future legislation

Interestingly, in 2021, the Government of Canada committed to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 40-45% by 2030, i.e. below 2005 levels.

By acting proactively, a company can anticipate future regulations and position itself favorably in a changing regulatory landscape. You’ll demonstrate greater flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to change, ensuring business continuity and ongoing compliance.

Cost reduction and monetization

Following the completion of a corporate carbon footprint assessment, your company can realize cost savings through the implementation of various eco-responsible optimization projects. What’s more, our CO2 emissions reduction monetization service, offers new, tangible and recurring financial benefits to support your commitment to reducing your emissions. For example, by identifying and implementing energy efficiency measures, a company can reduce its operating costs while contributing to its ecological and economic sustainability objectives.

What’s more, by measuring your emissions and participating in carbon credit programs, you can generate additional revenue, turning your reduction efforts into a financial opportunity.

Carbon footprint audit

Have you already done a carbon assessment in-house or with another service provider?

Contact us to carry out an audit of your carbon footprint measurement. You will be able to know if your carbon footprint corresponds to international standards, calculation methods or if all scopes have been taken into account. You will be able to know if you are eligible for a no-cost membership to our Sustainable Community.

FAQ: mesure d’empreinte carbone

1. What is the international standard ISO 14064-1:2018?

This standard establishes criteria for quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It serves as a guide for companies seeking to measure, verify and reduce their organisational carbon footprint in a standardized, globally recognized way.

2. What role does the scope play?

The different scopes allow emissions to be categorized according to their origin and their link with the company. They thus guide the company towards emission reduction opportunities, providing a detailed analysis that helps identify emissions and target efforts more effectively.

3. What's the difference between a carbon footprint and an ecological footprint?

The carbon footprint is a specific measure of GHG emissions, while the ecological footprint encompasses a wider range of environmental impacts, such as water consumption and deforestation. Both are important in assessing a company’s overall impact on the environment.

4. How do suppliers influence a company's carbon footprint?

Suppliers play a significant role in a company’s carbon footprint, especially in scope 3. Choosing suppliers committed to sustainable practices can significantly reduce indirect emissions and contribute to a reduction in carbon intensity across the supply chain.

5. Which industries emit the most GHG?

The energy, industrial and transport sectors, that all use significant amounts of fossil fuels, are generally the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. However, every company, whatever its size or sector, has the opportunity and responsibility to set climate targets and reduce its energy consumption and CO2 emissions. For example, by turning to renewable energy, limiting international transport for business travel, or changing consumption habits in daily activities.

6. Do you offer carbon footprint measurement audits?

Yes, we offer carbon footprint calculation audits. Whether you have already measured your greenhouse gas emissions in-house or with another service provider, our team can carry out an audit of your carbon footprint. This will enable you to check that your carbon balance complies with international standards and calculation methods, and to ensure that all scopes have been correctly taken into account. What’s more, you’ll be able to determine your eligibility for a no-advance-fee membership of our Sustainable Community, enabling you to monetize your carbon-reduction projects.

Once the carbon footprint is done, what are my next steps?

Have you already done a carbon footprint with Will Solutions? Make the most of your new carbon knowledge by reducing, monetizing and offsetting your emissions!

Reduce my GHG emissions according to the recommendations in my carbon footprint report.

Reducing emissions is the next step. After carrying out your carbon assessment, carry out carbon reduction projects. These will allow you to reduce your corporate environmental footprint.

Do you want to be rewarded for your GHG reduction efforts? Join the WILL’s Sustainable Community for free. We calculate and aggregate your reduced tons of CO2, convert them into carbon credits and return most of the sales to you. Monetize your carbon reductions simply!

Offset my GHG emissions by purchasing local, certified and verified carbon credits.

Once your reduction projects have been completed, there remains a part of the emissions that cannot be reduced.

It may be time to offset your incompressible carbon footprint! WILL Solutions offers quality carbon credits, available through the GHG reduction projects of small businesses and organizations here in Quebec (and soon in Ontario).