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Will Solutions is continually working to enhance its reliability and expertise while remaining in the cutting edge sustainable development knowledge, more specifically in the carbon market, market intelligence and waste management.


Will Solutions is an expert in the following sphere of activities:


  1. Strategic support and advice to organizations wishing to optimize the transition to a reduction in their carbon footprint: Risk management and opportunity;
  2. Quantification of GHG emissions for SMEs and organizations not subject to the regulated carbon markets;
  3. Market intelligence adapted to decision-makers: Analysis and quantitative and qualitative studies on the carbon markets;
  4. Carbon trading on the voluntary market;
  5. Voluntary Carbon Market: Training and technical workshops;
  6. Development, third party validation and implementation of carbon projects, under international certification standards, including regulatory compliance;
  7. Development of GHG reduction emission’s quantification and monitoring methodologies for international certification standards.

Do you want to take concrete action against global warming and aim for carbon neutrality?