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I want to get my organization or company involved in carbon reductions!

To start, tell us more about yourself!

Why reduce your GHG emissions with Will Solutions?

At Will Solutions, our mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of the economy. To do this, we believe in supporting virtuous businesses, organizations, and communities in Canada, no matter how big or small their project. Every action counts.

Not all companies can afford to pay for environmental consultants at $5000 CDN per hour! Another way is possible, to combine environmental commitment and economic profitability! 

With us, you will be able to carry out GHG reduction projects that are effective from a strategic, communication and financial point of view. Have you already carried out reduction projects? Register now! These are also eligible with us. 

Here are the advantages you will benefit from when you carry out your greenhouse gas reductions with Will Solutions: 

An additional and recurring source of revenue to reward your environmental actions

Recommendations for tailor-made reduction projects for prioritized and adapted actions

Trouble free! All membership and marketing fees are advanced by Will. No out-of-pocket expenses!

How much money can I make by selling my carbon reductions? 

As a partner, we are transparent about the distribution of income! 


For you, as a GHG reduction project owner.


for the service fees we advance, so you don't have to pay any money.


Our margin.

Your carbon reductions are quantified, verified by us, and then converted into carbon credits. 1 carbon credit is exactly equivalent to 1 ton of GHG reduction. Finally, we market them on voluntary markets, where they are bought by companies, organizations and individuals who voluntarily commit to achieve carbon neutrality, and to support your ecological projects. 

Here is our pricing policy: 

  • We pay you 45% of the revenue from the sale of your carbon credits 
  • The more GHG reduction projects you complete, the more money you get
  • 35% of the revenue from sales covers our costs, and allows us to not charge you any fees
  • 20% is kept by Will Solutions as gross margin
  • Example: You run an eligible project that reduces 2000 tons of GHGs. Assuming that we have sold all of your carbon credits each year, and that the average selling price (2022 prices) of your carbon credits is $14 CAD: 2000 * 14 * 45% = $12,600 CAD per year, every year. 

The revenue you earn from your GHG reductions also depends on certain criteria

  • The valorization of your reductions, achieved through the certification, communication and marketing processes carried out by our teams. 
  • The acceptable price on the voluntary markets 
  • The supply and demand (an oversupply of demand is expected in the next 5-10 years, which will drive up prices. Good news for the climate and for your wallet!) 
  • The distinction of your GHG reductions. Indeed, there are different types of projects around the world. Ours, the Sustainable Community, is the world’s first small project cluster, validated by Verra’s VCS program.

Together, we are making a difference.

How can I be rewarded for my GHG reduction projects?



Does the concept speak to you and fit with your vision? We’re excited about it! 

Our expertise covers different types of GHG reduction projects, member organizations and reduction buildings/sites. Simply put, here are the eligibility criteria for becoming a carbon reducing member at Will Solutions: 

☑  B2B : be an organization, business or community. We are not yet able to accept individuals. 

☑  Buildings: Own or manage at least 1 physical building. This can be any type of building: commercial, institutional, agricultural, industrial, or logistics… For example, a company with an agricultural greenhouse is eligible. On the other hand, a 100% digitalized company without physical offices is not. 

☑  Types of projects: At the moment there are two types of emission reduction projects eligible at Will Solutions: 

  1. Energy conversion or efficiency projects. An energy conversion is, in general, the act of switching from a fossil fuel energy source to a less polluting energy source. Switching from oil to wind power is an example of energy conversion. 
  2. Waste management projects that allow for landfill avoidance or methane emissions. There are many applications such as recycling instead of landfilling, composting, reintegrating waste into the production chain, selling the waste to a buyer for reuse, switching to a recyclable feedstock, etc.
  3. To come: transportation-related projects. Soon we will be able to accept projects related to decarbonization of transportation, such as related to behavioral changes, electrification of transportation, etc.

☑  Project date: completed as of 2015. If you have not done any reduction projects yet, a willingness to do so in the future is essential to participate in the project.

☑  Organizational vision and values: finally, only organizations wishing to integrate an eco-responsible approach are concerned. 

Do you meet the eligibility criteria? Contact us! We look forward to welcoming you among our GHG-reducing members! Together, we are reconciling the economy with environmental and community action! 

How long before I receive my first carbon income? 

We have developed cutting-edge expertise involving specific know-how, in order to give you access to a high-quality carbon reduction and monetization service.

We pay our members after the conversion of your reductions into carbon credits. Assuming that you have already completed your reduction projects, and depending on the speed of your returns and those of our external credit verifier Verra, the conversion time into carbon credits can take between 10 to 14 months. The automation of our services that is currently underway should soon shorten these times greatly. 

Finally, we make income distributions either twice a year at least, or from the sale of 250,000 carbon credits (the whole Community). This guarantees you a payment frequency of at least every 6 months

Examples of our members’ GHG reduction projects

La Coop Agriscar - Sustainable Community Member

Member: Coop Agriscar

Number of projects: 2

Projects: Optimization of propane consumption & conversion of a propane grain dryer to biomass

Types of project: Energy Efficiency & Energy Conversion

Project year: 2018

Recycling center UTM - Waste management

Member: Recycling center UTM

Number of projects: 1

Projects: cardboard/paper recycling.

Type of project: Waste management

Project year: 2018

Multiplants Greenhouses -  Sustainable Community Member - Energy Efficiency

Member: Multiplants Greenhouses

Number of projects: 1

Projects: Reduction of fuel oil consumption for heating greenhouses

Type of project: Energy efficiency

Project year: 2018

Your other benefits for becoming a GHG-reducing member at Will Solutions

Improve your brand image with your customers and stakeholders

Brand image and eco-responsibility

Anticipate government-imposed carbon regulations before the organizational and financial headache

Aim for the big picture with a long-term sustainability partner

Increase your operational efficiency and decrease your energy demand 

Act in line with circular, local and regenerative economy principles

Be part of a community of committed and virtuous players

I want to realize environmental projects, but I don’t know where to start.

We are here to help! First of all, have you already measured your carbon emissions? If not, this is usually the first step.

Why is this important? Because to be effective in your carbon reduction projects, it is essential to have a complete carbon footprint on your emissions, which will constitute your carbon reference year. From this, you will benefit from overall visibility on your emissions, on the main sources of emissions and on the best reduction actions to take.

You can also contact us directly, we will be able to guide you and transform your organization into a leader in the regenerative economy!

150+ members are already reducing their GHGs with Will Solutions!


Crête Group - Sustainable Community
Desjardins Caisse de l'Ouest de la Mauricie - Sustainable Community
Agriscar Cooperative - Sustainable Community
PG Flooring - Sustainable Community
La Rouge Environmental Complex
Workshops Mon Choix - Sustainable Community

Monetize your carbon reductions and get paid for your good environmental actions

In order to accelerate the carbon reduction of companies, we bring them together under the same umbrella project: the Will Solutions Sustainable Community.

Through this inclusive and unifying concept, we give you access to a dual solution to stimulate your greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and monetize these reductions. Your voluntary commitment to the climate is thus financially rewarded.

Together, we reconcile economic, social and environmental concerns in our local and virtuous communities

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