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Martin Clermont, ing. M.Sc. Env., B. Tech. Mec.


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Martin Clermont is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Will Solutions. For the last 35 years, he has implemented and delivered numerous major and innovative projects in the sustainable development field in Canada and around the world. In parallel with those projects, Martin also carried out various mandates for the Secretariat of the Basel Convention in about twenty countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America and China. Those mandates focused on implementing a national inventory of hazardous waste, an audit methodology and the introduction of legislation and national policies on environmentally sound management of waste. He gave several lectures in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Latin America and Canada, including his participation as a lecturer at the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention in Geneva in 2002.

Since 2007, Martin is actively involved in the carbon markets. He designed and directed the development of a worldwide methodology, the first of its kind, that aggregates GHG emission reductions originating from small emitters to their final acceptance by the VCS certification program. As the promoter, he submitted the first Quebec project which was then validated by an accredited third party. He also directed the third-party validation of the first carbon titles and then put them on the market: a world premiere.

Martin is an engineer. He holds two bachelor’s degrees from the École de technologie supérieure. He received a special mention for a training program completed in 1985 about the energy efficiency subject matter. He has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Université du Québec à Montréal.

Claudia Lesage

Direction of GHG Quantification

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Claudia Lesage is responsible for supervising and coaching the GHG quantification team at WILL Solutions. She manages various carbon projects, including the Sustainable Community project, following the completion of audits. She is also responsible for validating and verifying the various reports produced as part of the various quantification projects.

Given her artistic skills, Claudia is also involved in creating visual content for WILL. Claudia holds a Master’s degree in Climate Change from the University of Waterloo, a first B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geography and a second in Fine Arts from Bishop’s University.

Pierre Gravel

Direction of Carbon Credit Sales

  438-897-8013          pgravel@solutionswill.com

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Pierre Gravel, chemical engineer, MBA, has been working for more than 35 years in the role of advisor for the acquisition, procurement, and management of commodity portfolios in the North American energy market.

During his career, he has worked at Énergir, Groupe Noranda, Energy Advantage and Edison Energy as well as having his own company. In his role as an advisor, Pierre has helped several industrial and commercial clients meet and exceed their budgetary objectives of cost and consumption reductions, in addition to positioning them favourably to meet the challenges represented by climate change.

Pierre brings in-depth knowledge of the commodity markets, marketing, portfolio management and financial settlement processes.

Hélène Geoffroy

Direction of Corporate Development

  438-300-7746         [email protected]

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With her entrepreneurial spirit, Hélène excels in human resources development. She knows how to understand the global objectives, the growth issues and the specificity of each department in order to offer the appropriate services to support organizations and individuals. Hélène has worked in small and medium-sized businesses and growing companies. As a member of various management committees, she has worked on innovative projects in Canada, the United States and internationally. She thrives on her mobilizing leadership and her respect for the organizational culture.

Over the past thirty (30) years, her commitment, her complicity and her creativity have been her strengths. Her complementary experience with large groups such as Cascades Inc, SCA, Scott Bader, and with SMEs as an independent consultant for her own firm makes her a seasoned collaborator who is adaptable to change.

Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from Laval University in 1990, she broadened her knowledge in 2018 by completing a graduate program in Sustainable Development Education at Laval University.

Finally, sustainable development has always been part of her personal and professional life. She has set up various eco-responsible certifications for manufacturing companies.

Michel Dessureault, CPA, CGA

Vice-president finance and administration

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Michel Dessureault has over 30 years of experience in management and financial operations. Between 2005 and 2010, he served with Entreprises Techniflex Inc. as a general manager. He was a controller at Corporation Inno-Centre du Québec, from 2003 to 2005. Before this position, he held different positions at the management level at Strongco Inc. Michel started his career as an auditor with different accounting firms, such as Moquin, Ménard, Giroux & Associés; Besner, Gally, Shapiro, Kreisman & Company and Coopers & Lybrand.

Michel has completed the CGA certification. He holds a Public Accounting Diploma from McGill University as well as a bachelor’s degree in accounting, also from this university.

François Beaubien, Ing.

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer – CTO

  438-897-8008          [email protected]

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Francois Beaubien is a graduate engineer in electrical engineering and has over 30 years of experience in engineering, IT, and technology.

He has expertise in electronics, embedded systems, the Internet of Things, software development, ERP (SAP), IT/OT integration, automated business processes, artificial intelligence, manufacturing systems, and industry 4.0 as well as in IT and technology project management.

As an entrepreneur who started 3 companies including Matricis Informatique, which was acquired by Alithya in 2019, Mr. Beaubien has worked in the manufacturing, industrial, transportation, health, professional services, and research and development environments.

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