At Will Solutions, we believe that trust is also created through transparency and integrity. That is why we have made the audited documentation related to the Quebec Sustainable Community project (VCS 929) available directly on our website.
Even though the documentation is available on Verra’s website, we see several advantages to making this documentation available on our website:

  1. Facilitate the customer journey for our stakeholders interested in this documentation
  2. Demonstrate our transparency and integrity efforts
  3. Easily and independently update the associated documents
  4. Provide intuitive classification and navigation

VCS 929 project (Sustainable Community of Quebec)

Project Summary

  • ID: VCS-929
  • Juridiction (state/province): Quebec
  • Country: Canada
  • Proponent: Will Solutions Inc (Quebec, Canada)
  • VCS Project Status: Registered
  • Estimated Annual Emission Reductions (2020-2029): 3 425 000 tCO2e
  • VCS Project Type: Energy demand (sectorial scope 3) and Waste Management (sectorial scope 13)
  • VCS Methodology: VM0018
  • VCS Project Validator: SGS United Kingdom Ltd. (SGS)
  • Project Registration Date: 11/07/2013
  • VCS Renewal Project validator: ESPL (Earthwood Services Private Limited)
  • Renewal Project Registration date: 24/05/2021
  • Crediting Period Term: 1st, 01/01/2010 – 31/12/2029

VCS Project Document Registration (PD)

Description: The project sponsor (Will) completes a draft project description (PD) in accordance with the latest VCS project description template and has the project validated by an approved VVB, and then the project sponsor can submit the project for registration on the Verra Registry.

Renewal of the project description (PD) (2020-2029)

Project Description (PD) (2010-2019) 

MRV: Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

Description: Monitoring, Reporting and Verification process (MRV). The project proponent (Will) monitors and measures GHG emission reductions during a defined monitoring period. The project proponent (Will) completes the monitoring report using the latest VCS monitoring report template and has the project verified by an approved certification body. Once the certification body completes the verification, the project sponsor can submit the project for verification approval. Once Verra approves the project’s verification request, the project proponent (Will) can submit an emissions request to receive Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) in the Verra registry.

  • 7th Monitoring Report – 01-2022 to 12-2022 (drafting of monitoring report in progress, verification with VVB scheduled for March 2024)
  • 6th Monitoring Report – 01-2020 to 12-2021 (VVB audit completed and submitted to register on January 15, 2024)

VCS 3004 project (Sustainable Community of Ontario)

*Under construction*

Documentation associated with the Ontario Sustainable Community project is not yet available as it is still undergoing approval by the VVB. As soon as the Ontario Sustainable Community is open for business, the associated documents will be made public here.

Project Summary (soon)