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We are all aware of the current climate emergency, nothing new so far. However, at Will Solutions, we are also aware of the virtuous impact of our business model, and of its very high potential for the economy, society and the environment. Thus, we are looking for partners to propagate and accentuate our impact! Here are the types of possible synergies:

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Different partnerships for optimum synergies

Member Gathering

We are always looking to increase the number of our Sustainable Communities project holders (Quebec and Ontario), in order to accelerate the decarbonization of the Canadian economy. The SADC du Haut-Saguenay, an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) whose mission is to support local action, has been our partner for several years. We combine their professional network and our carbon expertise to find synergies and develop the green economy in Quebec. 

Carbon Credit Resellers

 By accelerating the sale of our carbon credits, you enable the carbon offsetting of new buyers on the one hand, and the financial support of small GHG reducers in our communities on the other. For example, Climate Seed, known for its transparency and high-end positioning, refers GHG reduction projects for corporate carbon credit buyers in Europe. Thanks to them, we are able to give an international scope to the local actions of our GHG reducers.


The funders support our structural growth for the continuous improvement of our services and the diversification of our activities. Carbon Streaming is our latest investor. With their funding, Solutions Will is increasing its decarbonization potential (adding transportation-related decarbonization projects), its reach (opening a second community in Ontario), and improving its overall service offering.

Technologic Partners

The technology partner distinguishes itself with a decarbonization technology solution that is compatible with the eligibility of Sustainable Communities reduction projects (energy conversion, energy efficiency, waste management and soon transportation). This increases both GHG reduction and monetization opportunities for our members!

Our partner offers a patented artificial intelligence technology, which optimizes the energy demand of heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems autonomously. This innovation can reduce GHG emissions from buildings by up to 40% and extend the life of HVAC equipment by up to 50%.


The franchise is perfectly in line with our philosophy: local action, global impact. If you want to create a new Sustainable Community by applying our know-how, contact us.

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Our Partners and Collaborators

More collaborators


Over the years, Will Solutions has surrounded itself with partners with extensive skills. They invest and collaborate with us to offer original and globally recognized solutions. At Will, we believe that our growth is based on the commitment of our partners and associates, and we implement structures to encourage exchanges on best practices.

We would like to emphasize the involvement and support of all our collaborators:

Absolunet (Valtech) – Mr. Martin Thibeault. Development and maintenance of the tracking platform

Agence Bato – Agence Bato, digital marketing agency

Alithya – Strategy and Digital Transformation

Barnik – Mrs. Kattie Léveillé. Design

Certi Conseil Mr. Christophe Kaestli. Internal monitoring and support for the validation and verification of third-party audits

Demers Beaulne – Mr. Marc-André Tremblay. Accounting Audit and taxation

Hubrid – Mr. Hugues Chandonnet. Branding

ICF – Climate consulting and solutions

Okiok – Mr. Claude Vigeant. Systems security

PentaA+ – Mr. Alain Jegen, ing et MBA. Complex Technology Project Manager

Phil – Communication agency

Pierre Caron – Remote coach specialized in Marketing sales and franchising for senior management of SME’s

Réseau des SADC and CAE

  • SADC de Matapédia
  • SADC des Basques
  • SADC de la MRC de Rivière-du-Loup
  • SADC de Kamouraska
  • SADC de Lotbinière
  • SADC du Haut-Saguenay
  • SADC de la MRC de Maskinongé
  • CAE Rive-Nord
  • SADC des Laurentides
  • SADC Antoine-Labelle
  • SADC de Papineau
  • SADC d’Abitibi-Ouest
  • SADC de D’Autray-Joliette

Associations and Private Organisms


We are thankful to the following associations and private organisms for their continuous support.

Governmental Partners

We would also like to thank our governmental partners :


  • Emploi Québec
  • Investissement Québec

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