Will Solutions offers various carbon services that stimulate and account for individual and collective efforts towards sustainable development.

We offer 3 high-quality carbon services:
1. Carbon footprint assessment.
2. Emissions reduction and access to carbon finance.
3. Offsetting and purchasing carbon credits.

Carbon Services: Corporate Carbon Footprint Assessment 

The carbon footprint assessment service for organizations is the first step towards decarbonizing your activities. You will be able to take stock of your CO2e emissions, identify the main sources of emissions, orient your business decisions with an eco-responsible approach, detect opportunities to reduce emissions, and more…

More than 1000 buildings have measured their carbon footprint with us.

Carbon Services: Reduction and Financing (Sustainable Communities)  

The more you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, the more money you make! To accelerate the decarbonization of your organization, we give you cash to pay back some or all of your initial investment in your carbon reduction projects.

More than 150 members are already benefiting from this climate financing solution in Quebec and Ontario!

Carbon Services : Offsetting and Carbon Credits

Do you want to offset your residual emissions, become carbon neutral or reach your net zero commitments?

Carbon offsetting is an essential step in your ESG policy. Discover our local, VCS-certified, high community value carbon credits.  

Carbon credits from additional, permanent GHG reductions that contribute to 6 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Will Solutions has cutting-edge expertise in decarbonization services for businesses. In line with current market needs for eco-responsible services, we deploy various skills such as carbon emissions measurement, carbon quantification, project qualification, deployment of innovative methodologies on the voluntary carbon market, sale of carbon credits and carbon monitoring.

In particular, we are a leader in the following areas:

  1. Consulting for organizations wishing to optimize their green transition and reduce their carbon footprint: risk and opportunity management;
  2. GHG emissions quantification for SMEs and organizations not subject to regulated carbon markets;
  3. Marketing and trading of carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market;
  4. Qualification, validation and monetization of carbon projects under international certification programs, including regulatory contextualization;
  5. Development of greenhouse gas emission reduction quantification and verification methodologies for international certification programs, such as VERRA.