Will is looking at worldwide partners/sponsors motivated to take on the climate change challange. The deployement of Will’s Sustainble Community Solution in dozen, even hundreds of regions around the world is a conscious action brigning an irreversible and positive traction effect.

In order to create traction that will impact worldwide reductions in GHG emissions, Will wishes to create a Sustainable Community private green climate fund dedicated to the purchase of GHG reductions made by thousands of buildings not subjected to regulations in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. The buildings operating with the support of the Sustainable Community solution will favor its worldwide deployment and will allow the solution to generate close to 75 million tons in GHG reductions on the planet in the next 5 years, which represents about 0,2% of the worldwide GHG emissions. This is Sustainable Community’s contribution in the voluntary market.

Will Solutions would like to create such a private fund that would range between 200 and 500 million US $ over the next 3 to 5 years.  If you require additional information or wish to contribute in the set up of such a fund, please contact Will Solutions by email at [email protected].


By connecting GHG reductions from small emitters and carbon credit buyers/sponsors, Will’s Sustainable Community solution allows the recognition of thousands of conscious acts based on “responsible sponsorship”. All parties are winners; those that realize efforts in reducing GHG emissions and those that sponsor them. The solution is based on a unique business model, in complement to taxes and carbon regulations, in a context of a worldwide scarcity in reducing GHG emissions. Solutions Will, Manifesto II, January 2014.