Carbon Streaming invests up to 20 million USD in Will Solutions to develop its Sustainable Communities in Quebec and Ontario.

The flow-through investment is expected to deliver over 100 million tonnes of GHG reductions by 2030, which will be converted into verified carbon credits (VCUs) and monetized in the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs). Will will select and qualify GHG reduction micro-projects under its Quebec and Ontario Sustainable Communities for quantification and conversion into VCUs. These micro-projects will come from tens of thousands of buildings in Quebec and Ontario and will focus on energy conversion and efficiency, reuse, composting and recycling of waste streams and transportation of people and goods.

Solutions Will is committed to improving the performance and productivity of its Sustainable Communities. This new historic partnership with Carbon Streaming Corporation should provide Solutions Will with the cash flow and financial capacity to structurally support its hyper-growth. On the other hand, Carbon Streaming Corporation enriches its portfolio of offerings with its first partner project in Canada, through Will Solutions.

We are proud to contribute to the local and circular economy, while bringing a unique community and inclusive dimension to the voluntary carbon markets.

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