When businesses seek to create a sustainable development plan or implement a corporate social responsibility strategy, it can be a challenge to prioritize actions and objectives. Some will use the standard Sustainable Development model “Environment-Society-Economy”, while others will go with the updated corporate model of “Environment-Governance-Economy”. One road less traveled is that of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals which provides a a great model to build a sustainable strategy. 

Adopted in 2015 as a follow up to the Millenium Goals, the sustainable development programme of the United Nations has 17 major objectives inviting all of society’s stakeholders to take action. Governments, citizens, businesses and NGOs can find, in this programme, actions they can undertake, according to their means, to work towards a prosperous, just and resilient future in the face of climate changes that are affecting everyone. 

Since the adoption of this UN programme, WILL’s Sustainable Community effort has aimed to integrate as many of these goals as possible in our mission and throughout our activities. Here are a few examples. 


Goal #9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure

By targeting energy efficiency projects, WILL’s Sustainable Community model directly participates in the financing of new infrastructures allowing for a transition towards a low carbon economy. As the Sustainable Community does not impose any one technology, the members can choose which technology will suit their resources, needs and objectives best. 

Goal #11 – Cities and sustainable communities

Heat networks, recycling, composting… Many cities and para-municipal organizations have signed up as members of WILL’s Sustainable Community in order to highlight their efforts of reducing the impact of climate change and help finance new infrastructures. Considering the importance of local governmental actions in the fight against climate change, this is a great strategy to create climate awareness and to get citizens directly involved on a daily basis. 

Goal #13 – Climate Action 

Naturally, the main mission of our Sustainable Community is supporting local actors in their GHG reduction projects. The link between greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc…) and climate change is undeniable and compels us to change how we produce and consume in order to maintain an environment that welcomes human life. 

GOAL #17 – Partnerships for the goals

The basis of our Sustainable Community is sparking collaboration between SMBs, NGOs, local governments and citizens that share a common objective: act locally to tackle climate change and give Canada’s energy transition a boost. 

We’ve only told you about the four most important goals for us in this article that are related to our Sustainable Community objective, but our members actively implement directly or indirectly several other goals such as Gender Equality (Goal #5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal #8) or Responsible Production and Consumption (Goal #12).  

How about you and your organization, what SCGs are linked with your activities and CSR engagements?