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(Montreal, Tuesday, March 5th, 2019) – WILL Solutions (WILL), a leader in carbon credits in Quebec, announces that it is a certified B Corporation™.

“We are so incredibly proud today”, said Claudie Eustache, Sustainable Business Development Manager, “B Corp certification promotes best sustainable business practices. This prestigious recognition is a potent sign of the positive impacts of WILL’s Sustainable Community™ business model.

Through its Sustainable Community, WILL offers a one-stop shop for its SMB and municipality members who want to participate in the voluntary carbon market. “Essentially, we are transforming the GHG reduction efforts of our members into carbon credits that can be bought by anyone. We are empowering people’s efforts to clean the planet.”

“We are empowering people’s efforts to clean the planet”

– Claudie Eustache

The B Corp certification is managed by B lab a company specialized in best sustainable practices. Businesses which obtain B Corp certification adhere to very specific principles of transparency and implement best practices in their governance, their human ressources and their impact on the environment and the community.

“Being a B Corp is about being the change you want to see”, says Eustache, “For example, we return 40% of our sales revenues from our carbon credits directly to SMBs that are making the effort of air pollution reduction. It creates a virtuous circle because those businesses now have an incentive to carry out even more GHG reductions in their daily operations.”

For WILL, being a B Corp is as much about having our Sustainable Community work recognized as a positive force for the environment and the community, as it is about working in a transparent and honest way to benefit its members and partners (providers, clients and overseas networks).

“With the B Corp certification we are sending out a clear message that WILL takes care of the environmental prosperity of the planet and the well-being of its employees. Everyone of us is part of the solution to ease climate change. WILL is now recognizing those micro actions that add up to major societal change”, Eustache concluded.

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