The GHG quantification team

The GHG (Greenhouse Gas) quantifiers team is in charge of measuring the emissions, and subsequently qualifying, quantifying and certifying the carbon reductions of our members. They are also in charge of managing the carbon register.

Claudia Lesage

GHG Quantification Manager

   438-897-8007          [email protected]

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Claudia Lesage is responsible for supervising and coaching the GHG quantification team at WILL Solutions. She manages various carbon projects, including the Sustainable Community project, following the completion of audits. She is also responsible for validating and verifying the various reports produced as part of the various quantification projects.

Given her artistic skills, Claudia is also involved in creating visual content for WILL. Claudia holds a Master’s degree in Climate Change from the University of Waterloo, a first B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geography and a second in Fine Arts from Bishop’s University.

Claire Druet

GHG auditor

  438-897-8005            [email protected]

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Claire Druet participates in the process of quantifying greenhouse gas emission reductions related to the Sustainable Community’s project.

After obtaining a law degree in France, she decided to reorient herself in sustainable development to pursue a career closer to her values. She obtained a master’s degree in environmental management at the University of Sherbrooke. She also participated in the implementation of more sustainable practices in the restaurant industry and developed guides and tools in this regard.

Djamil Riadh Debbouz

GHG auditor

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Djamil Riadh Debbouz is an assistant auditor at WILL Solutions. He collaborates with other team members in the carbon footprinting process such as quantification and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Djamil holds a bachelor’s degree in process engineering from the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene in Algeria. He then decided to move to Quebec to continue his studies and obtained a master’s degree in environmental engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal.

Djamil has a great capacity for adaptation, intellectual curiosity and a love of nature. He chose WILL given the many economic and environmental challenges that lie ahead and intends to invest in resolving the various issues from a sustainable development perspective and for the preservation of our planet.

Alice Badet

GHG auditor

          438-897-8002               [email protected] 

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Recently graduated from the University of Sherbrooke with a Master’s degree in Environment, Alice is now applying her knowledge and skills accumulated during her university career.

Through the position of GHG auditor, which she has held since September 2022, she participates in the evolution of Sustainable Communities, in carbon footprint audits but also in the GHG quantification process. Motivated by the many environmental challenges of our time, she is convinced that it is possible to work to adapt to them and also to mitigate them.

Anne Ménard

GHG auditor

 [email protected] 

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Anne Ménard is an auditor at Will Solutions. In collaboration with other team members, she participates in the quantification and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Guided by her love for nature, Anne recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences applied to the environment at the Université du Québec à Montréal, which she obtained with several honours. An avid climate action activist, Anne is now committed to making a positive difference for the environment on a daily basis at Will Solutions.

Mathis Chanvillard

GHG auditor

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Mathis Chanvillard is a GHG auditor at Will Solutions. He is involved in the development of Sustainable Communities, carrying out carbon footprint audits and contributing to the process of quantifying and reducing greenhouse gases.

Mathis holds a bachelor’s degree in management and human sciences from Université Jean Moulin and a master’s degree in environmental management from Université de Sherbrooke. During his university career, he developed solid skills in climate change mitigation strategies and greenhouse gas quantification.

Today, his passion for climate issues drives him to work on a daily basis as part of the GHG quantification team.