Our Human Ressources Team (HR)


The Human Ressources Team (HR)

The HR team is in charge of the management and well-being of employees and collaborators. It manages the internal company culture, the various benefits offered and the overall HR policy. The team is also in charge of internal communication.

Hélène Geoffroy

Direction of Corporate Development

  438-300-7746         hgeoffroy@solutionswill.com

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With her entrepreneurial spirit, Hélène excels in human resources development. She knows how to understand the global objectives, the growth issues and the specificity of each department in order to offer the appropriate services to support organizations and individuals. Hélène has worked in small and medium-sized businesses and growing companies. As a member of various management committees, she has worked on innovative projects in Canada, the United States and internationally. She thrives on her mobilizing leadership and her respect for the organizational culture.

Over the past thirty (30) years, her commitment, her complicity and her creativity have been her strengths. Her complementary experience with large groups such as Cascades Inc, SCA, Scott Bader, and with SMEs as an independent consultant for her own firm makes her a seasoned collaborator who is adaptable to change.

Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from Laval University in 1990, she broadened her knowledge in 2018 by completing a graduate program in Sustainable Development Education at Laval University.

Finally, sustainable development has always been part of her personal and professional life. She has set up various eco-responsible certifications for manufacturing companies.

Josée Riopel

Employee Experience Advisor

  438-792-4876           jriopel@solutionswill.com

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Josée has a Certificate in Career Development from UQAM and a Bachelor’s in Agronomy from the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Department at McGill University. For the past five years, Josée has offered socio-professional counselling to an organization that seeks to develop people’s employability skills for the 21st-century workforce in constant flux. She is responsible for recruitment and manages HR at Will Solutions.